Nine out of ten articles published on online news applications discuss how hybrid and noncontact working is becoming the norm for many organizations. This sudden shift is particularly disruptive for HR departments, which is often under-equipped to cope with changing team collaboration, employee engagement, and work progression techniques.

A forerunner in helping startups navigate this shift, weperson bridges this gap with its all-in-one platform that unifies core HR, employee experience, and goal management capabilities with HR information cloud and analytics, attendance management, and objectives and key results (OKR).

From early to mature startups, there is a substantial hurdle for an optimum recruitment due to their limited labor market knowledge, candidate onboarding skills, and financial flexibility. Recognizing this, weperson delivers data science and R&D processes to hire and retain suitable employees through an affordable next-generation HR solution that improves compensation design.

"In line with our mission to empower employee experience with our people technology, we have developed an employee self-service solution to replace the complex process of submitting documents via chats, email, or apps with one that delivers complete organizational transparency," says Ross Ban, CEO of weperson.

weperson's HR information system (HRIS) is a SaaS-based HR subscription software that reduces workload through its automation functions dedicated to electronic approval, pay slip issuance, and easy salary transfer. It also offers the integrated management of personnel records, compensation statistics, and supporting documents across employee journeys in organizations. For newly joined employees, its HRIS provides historical data to deliver visibility and insights that align the team and company objectives.

For a quick and accurate payroll process, weperson offers compensation simulation capabilities that calculate reasonable pay increase rates in line with individual performance. Using a payroll ledger that automatically issues approvals, this simulation also steers data-driven decision-making to reward deserving employees. This quick delivery of accurate pay slips is a game-changer for organizations with large workforces that are often bogged down by administrative tasks, enabling financial and long-term business planning.

In contrast, weperson's attendance management system is optimized to assist companies with less than 50 employees in easily tracking employee presence and absenteeism, working hours, vacation for adherence to compliance. Meanwhile, its OKR solution, powered by Google's performance management methodology, optimizes performance management and evaluation processes to establish accurate KPIs, reports, and dashboards that support company and employee growth. It also helps align organizational and individual goals, uncovering OKR benefits for early-stage startups.

Substantiating weperson's impact is a case study of a professional science service startup. This client was producing market-fit products and had acquired a customer base of 420 clients over a year. As the clients got their business progressed, then they needed help managing their new and longstanding employees.

In this instance, weperson delivered a complete solution integrated with relevant features and educated the startup to comply with labor standards, boosting maintenance of organizational safety. After creating a compact and efficient employee experience solution, it offered them a certified labor attorney consultation to improve employee satisfaction and ensure business success.

Recently, weperson partnered with Hana Bank, one of South Korea's largest commercial banks, to launch the easy payroll service, and collaborated with a leading India-based integration platform-as-a-service provider for better API integrations. It will soon join forces with more South Korean commercial banks and businesses to implement its exceptional employee onboarding services and facilitate seamless client experiences for firms across APAC.

Extending from South Korea and Southeast Asia to other parts of the world, weperson strives to become a superior B2B SaaS application and expand its HR personal data management platform-as-a-service to benefit global businesses and the employees. Currently, it can easily integrate with Google Calendar and Slack and aims to acquire additional integration partners to boost more work processes for its ever-growing footprint of prospective clients.